Why Spiritual Enlightenment Cannot be Permanent


There is the unborn and the born. The unmanifested and the manifested. The infinite and the limited. The eternal and the temporary. These are the fundamental polarities of reality. Everything that is born must die. What goes up must come down, sooner or later. This means that you will never be ‘riding high’ forever.

Spiritual enlightenment happens when a limited, temporary being recognizes ⁄ realizes its infinite, eternal true nature. What I want to focus on here, is not THAT what is realized (the true nature), but I want to focus on the realization in and of itself.

In this realization, two aspects can be noted; a time aspect and a personal aspect. The realization arises in time; today you realized it, however yesterday you had not yet realized it. The realization is also personal; that person realized it, but the individual sitting next to that person has not realized it.

Anything that arises in time and anything that is personal, is part of ‘the manifested’ and therefore transitory. So the manifested realization (of your true nature) in and of itself is impermanent. One day you may wake up and your enlightenment is gone. Does this prospect worry you even in the slightest? Then you can be sure you are attached to your realization. And as we know, attachment is the cause of delusion and suffering.

But then again, of course you are attached to it – you finally found something that works..! It works for you...but that ‘you’ is not your true nature.