The God Concept and the Meaning of Life


Have you ever seen an ecological food chain? Have you ever really seen it, like a tangible object that you can point to, pick up and say “Look, here it is..?” Of course not. So a food chain does not exist. But biological science has made it clear that a food chain does exist. But it only exists as an invisible connection between objects in the visible concrete world. So a food chain does exist and does not exist at the same time.

A food chain is a concept. And that is what a concept is. It is the mind seeing meaning in things. That meaning can often not be found as an object in the world. Yet the meaning can exist as a relation or connection in the world. That is also what it means to understand. Understanding shows an awareness of a certain reality or (invisible) relationship. Although the relationship is invisible, it does exist and expresses itself all the time.

Concepts can have different levels of abstraction. The concept of a stone is a low level abstraction because it corresponds to an object which we can see, feel and measure. The concept of a food chain is a higher level abstraction, because it is itself invisible in the world of objects and only exists as a thing in the abstract realm of the mind. But we still can proof its existence objectively.

God is the highest abstraction. If you want to measure, proof, see, point to, or touch God, then God does not exist. But God does exist as the oneness, connectedness and therefore inherent meaning of all things. It is the meaning of life. So God both exists and does not exist at the same time.

That is why people who are in search of the true nature of reality or the meaning of life are actually in search of the highest abstraction or God. That is where science and religion meet. And that is why they cannot find ultimate reality in an objective way in science and why there is no objective measure for the mystical experience.

God exists as the oneness and therefore meaning of everything. And God exists as the connectedness and therefore compassion with everything. Forever hidden, but always present.