The Commercial Lie


Making as much profit as possible is the chief aim of a lot of businesses. Their commercial activity is based on greed and deception.

Greed, because they want to make as much money as they can. Deception, because the easiest way to make money is by deceiving people. That’s why in advertisements products are often presented as if they are only made in the interest of the costumer. This is deceptive if they are mainly produced for the profit of the company.

This principle of greed and deception also works within businesses themselves. History shows that people who have the most greed and skill at deceiving often get to the top of a powerful organization. Greed, because they want as much power as they can get. Deceiving, because they are good at portraying their intentions as only being in the interest of the company, while they are mainly interested in their own power.

What is essentially wrong with the commercial attitude, is that there is no integrity in it. A lot of businesspeople don’t feel a bond with their product, they only feel a bond with their profit. They can sell a product which exploits the third world on one day and sell a product which helps the third world the next day. Just as long as they make a good profit. They don’t care.