Blind Religion

There are many different religions on this planet. Most people who believe in a specific religion will claim their religion is the only true religion and all other religions are false. This implies that it’s just a ‘coincidence’ that (in by far most cases) the one and only true religion that they have, happens to be the one they grew up with in their culture.

There is no objective proof of the truth of any religion. That’s why it’s a believe. And how does a believer know his or her faith is true? Because it says so in a book. But how do they know that what it says in the book is true? They don’t.

If one looks closely at some of the specific religious dogmas, it’s clear that they are very implausible. For example, God is supposed to be a personal God, distinct from his creation. And he is perfect, almighty, allknowing and love. Yet he creates beings that he subsequently allows to go on to suffer tremendously for millennia. Couldn’t he have done a better job? And take for example the traditional creationist views. Those have been totally undermined by the findings of modern science.

The need for a religion originates from something real. That’s why there are so many people who need a religion. We need religion because we don’t want to face our own mortality and because we want an explanation for why we have to live and die. So, like a child, we make up a religion that is supposed to comfort us and give us the explanation. Anybody who has any introspective talent and honesty will see and admit to this mechanism in the mind.

So this basic ignorance and insecurity that we all have leads us to a religion. But in this 21st century, one might hope that humanity by now has had enough history and education as to become mature enough to see religion for what it is. Unfortunately we have to conclude that this is not the case.

So people who believe go on blindly believing because they do not want to see the facts. And just like a lot of other situations in which people are in denial, they mostly create a lot of suffering for themselves and others along the way.