Human Intelligence is not Artificial

It is a well–established fact that there are different types of intelligence. Logical intelligence is one of them. But there is also social intelligence, musical intelligence, spiritual intelligence and so on.

So being able to solve a difficult mathematical equation in a short amount of time is not the most important measure of what it is to be intelligent. The strength of artificial intelligence (AI) lies in logical intelligence, combined with having a large base of general knowledge.

Human intelligence is organic, natural intelligence. The fundamental difference between human intelligence and AI is human sensitivity. This is because sensitivity is an integral part of human intelligence and therefore a computer cannot be intelligent in the same way as a human being.

In humans, emotions and thoughts influence each other. This relation between sensitivity and intelligence is inherently human. If you study yourself closely, you’ll see that your intelligence is an interplay between rational thought processes and intuitive sensitivity.

Sensitivity has to do with empathy and a feeling of connectedness. This connectedness is part of human inspiration. This in turn can cause inspired creative thinking. That is why a painting or music or spiritual texts made by AI cannot truly be inspired; it has no ‘soul’, because it has no sensitivity.

AI can only be a disconnected and one–sided form of intelligence, because there is no love and human wisdom in it, which both come from a sense of connectedness.

So until a way is found to combine AI and human sensitivity (which, I think, will be pretty difficult to do), there is no true comparison between AI and human intelligence.